Peaceful Retirement Living at Peers Village, Cape Town

Life Right Retirement Homes


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To purchase a Life Right in Peers Village, applicants have to be at least 65, but it’s never too early to get on to the waiting list . . .

A purchaser has the lifetime right to live in a cottage in return for the payment of an interest-free loan to the Peers Village Trust.

The person entering into this agreement has the right to occupy the cottage for his or her lifetime and that of the nominated occupant/life partner…

Waiting List

Sale of Life Right

This form of sale, termed a Life Right, is an accepted form of title in South Africa, recognised by The Housing Schemes for Retired Persons Act No 65 of 1988, as amended.

To join the waiting list, complete the downloadable application form and submit to , along with proof of payment of the R2 000 application fee. Banking details can be found on the application form.

Although the application fee is non-refundable, it is deducted from the purchase price of a Life Right. Receipt of completed application form and fee will be acknowledged as acceptance of waiting list procedures.

Retirement Home Front View

Price List

Cottage prices (at March 2022)

Bedrooms Unit Size Est. Price
1 Bed Unit 76m² – 93m² R1 770 000 – R1 980 000
2 Bed Unit 90m² – 130m² R2 100 000 – R2 990 000
3 Bed Unit 110m² – 153m² R2 960 000 – R3 450 000

1x Bed: 76m²-93m² > R1 770 000 – R1 980 000

2x Bed: 90m²-130m² > R2 100 000 – R2 990 000

3x Bed: 110m²-153m² > R2 960 000 – R3 450 000

* Prices are subject to change without notice


Living Expenses

  • Levies are calculated at R 33.00/m², reviewed annually on September 1
  • Municipal rates are calculated at R4.37/m²
  • A minimum of 8 meals/resident/month are billed at R59/meal

For further information, please contact the Peers Village sales agent, Lynda Murphy, at or 021 787 0200.

Reception and Management Offices


Management Association

The Peers Village Management Association has a mandate to provide residential accommodation to senior citizens over the age of 65, or to persons who have retired through ill health or infirmity, in the retirement complex known as Peers Village, situated on Erf 16780, Fish Hoek.

Village management is overseen by a general manager in conjunction with a board consisting of five residents, elected by fellow residents.