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Spacious Retirement Homes in Fish Hoek, Cape Town


For those aged 65 and over, Peers Village offers an unparalleled, independent retirement lifestyle.

With a selection of a one-, two- or three-bedroom accommodation, with one or two bathrooms, each retirement home or cottage features an integral single or double garage (with direct cottage access) and its own private garden.

This extensive range of size combinations means new residents can purchase a cottage that’s tailored to suit their precise needs…

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Pet Friendly Cottages

And, most importantly, pets are welcome. Acknowledging that pets form an integral part of any family, they are permitted in the village, although there’s a limit of two small animals per cottage.

Cottages are sold under a Life Right agreement that guarantees lifetime security of tenure. For more information on this click on the Join the Waiting List button below.

Welcome to Peers Retirement Village Cape Town (Fish Hoek)
Medical & Frail Care provided at Peers Village Cape Town

Frail Care

Superlative Health Care

Whatever is needed in terms of health care is offered at Peers Village. It’s truly comprehensive.

At a day-to-day level, for instance, an exceptional primary health care programme is operated by the in-house nursing staff, headed by a nursing Sister and overseen by a unit manager.

An integral part of this programme – ensuring residents’ optimum health and minimising stress – are twice-weekly GP clinics, held on the premises, reducing the need to travel outside the village to visit a doctor.


Emergency Care

At the other end of the scale, another significant resource for those requiring ongoing frail care, assisted living, temporary respite or step-down care after a surgical procedure is a luxurious 30-suite health care centre.

While this facility is available to non-residents, Peers Village residents always have priority access.

And, at any time of the day or night, in the case of accident or emergency, on-duty registered nurses are trained to assess a situation and provide appropriate emergency care.

When required, a close partnership with Cape Medical Response ensures the immediate attention by qualified paramedics.

Cape Medical Response Contact Details
On-site GP's, Qualified Nursing and 24-Hour Emergency Care

Cape Medical Response

CMR Contact Details

021 782 0606 |

082 782 4444 | 021 782 4444

021 782 0606
082 782 4444
021 782 4444
Peers Village Security


Always Safe and Secure

Highly-trained security guards not only man the gatehouse, monitoring the controlled entrance/exit to Peers Village, they also manage a round-the-clock patrol of the entire village and its surroundings.

Providing added protection, the perimeter fencing is alarmed and electrified, and this is complemented by thermal imaging cameras linked to the security control centre.

In the event of a power cut, electricity supply to security systems is provided by the latest UPS back-up technology.


Multi-Function Club House

A spacious clubhouse provides an ideal venue for numerous activities and functions.

Its central feature is a tastefully-appointed dining room, seating 100 people, where delicious lunches are offered daily. The catering team is headed by an executive chef who ensures a varied and nutritionally-balanced menu and superbly cooked and well-presented meals. Lunches can also be delivered to residents’ cottages if required.

Adding to its appeal, the dining room opens on to an expansive patio area that incorporates a heated swimming pool. This in turn is surrounded by well-established gardens, set against a scenic mountain view, where residents can relax and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

Peers Village Club House and Dining Hall

The Peerage

Peers Village Pub & Patio

Another great attribute is ‘The Peerage’, the Peers Village pub, a much-favoured location for sundowners and many other events, such as the 100 Club’s eagerly-awaited monthly draw. The adjoining communal lounge features a widescreen TV, connected to DStv, as well as a darts board and table tennis facilities.

Also adjacent to the pub and is a separate enclosed patio that provides an ideal setting for afternoon teas, early evening suppers, braais, or special celebrations. This patio’s retaining walls, featuring masses of succulent plants, form a spectacular backdrop to any occasion.

The Peerage Pub at Peers Village

Community Library

Walks and Excursions

 A well-stocked library forms yet another part of the clubhouse complex. New books are regularly added and the library also offers jigsaw puzzles, magazines and DVDs.

Many residents enjoy a daily walk up or down the ‘royal mile’, as the road running through the centre of the village is dubbed. This walk offers idyllic views of surrounding mountain ranges, as well as the well-kept gardens of Peers Village.

In addition, residents are regularly transported to local shopping malls, as well as on excursions and scenic drives, in the Peers Village luxury bus.

Peers Village Library

Join in and enjoy…

Our community living page provides information about the lifestyle and activities provided at Peers Retirement Village.